Say hello to the next evolution of business parks.


Defined by inc.redible shared amenities that draw people together and spark collaboration, this is a place to level up. A business inc.ubator with an inc.lusive tribe at its heart.

A place for the next generation businesses and go getters with an inc.andescent dream.

This is Vermont Inc.

In every way, Vermont Inc. has been thoughtfully designed and superbly crafted to power the businesses of tomorrow.

Here, in this next-gen commercial complex, you’ll find 20 office-warehouses, 50 Flexie units, two luxury office suites and an inner-city inspired café.

Completing the picture are cool fit outs that blend high-tech and practical excellence into a contemporary whole that means business.

Good energy is everywhere here.

Cleverly designed to maximise natural light and space, your new workspace marries everyday practicality with an awesome contemporary aesthetic.

Step inside to discover the bar has been raised in every way. Strikingly beautiful yet seriously functional, Vermont Inc. embraces the latest technology with the unexpected niceties like luxury bathrooms and proper kitchenettes with superior fittings.

Fair to say, these spaces are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Simply incredible.

We are Ledlin and everything we do is beyond conventional. And the results redefine the commercial landscape by pushing the boundaries of contemporary workspaces. In equal parts inspiring, creative and functional, our buildings are for the next generation of go-getters. Acquire. Develop. Build.